Teacher Training Course

Every student can learn, just not on the Same day or the Same way...


This initial teacher training course will help you acquire the skills you need if you plan to teach English abroad as part of your degree, or if you wish to teach English during the holidays or after you have finished your studies. The course also covers transferable skills such as team building, time management, presentation skills and cross-cultural awareness. On completion of the course, you will receive your module credit as part of you degree programme and a teaching certificate, validated by Cambridge English.

Course content

The study of the English Language: grammar (e.g. grammatical terms, the verb system, functions); vocabulary; the main elements of pronunciation;

Focus on learners: the theories of learning; motivation and needs of the learner; learning styles and strategies;

Classroom management skills: for example setting up group and pair work; giving instructions; monitoring learners' work; handling feedback; teaching large classes; dealing with mixed ability classes.

Classroom techniques: for example presenting and practising language; checking learner understanding; dealing with learner errors; teaching the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing

Lesson planning: key elements of a lesson plan (e.g. anticipating learner problems); ensuring lesson progression and staging; timing activitie;

Teaching resources: for example the use of the whiteboard, visual aids; exploiting course books and supplementary materials;

Areas of specialism: there will also be sessions on specific areas of teaching, such as teaching young learners, teaching business English and teaching basic literacy.

Observation of experienced teachers

You will also be able to observe experienced teachers working with English classes in the CLIE and at a private language school. There will be two observations, one in Term 1 (1.5 hours) and one in Term 2 (1.5 hours); you will be expected to write reports on your observed classes. You will also have a chance to watch three hours of DVDs designed for teacher training.